I Like Supporting a Grandmother and Her Grandson

She had lost her husband, a son, and a daughter. Now she needed help with the staggering cost of adopting her beloved grandson.


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Being blessed to be a financial coach with Mercy Support Services, I have witnessed the life changing turns of struggling individuals. One of the most satisfying, God-filled opportunities was a grandmother who had, over the previous 5 years, lost a son in the military, her husband and a daughter to drug abuse — who left a teenage son. Needless to say, when I met her, she was overwhelmed with grief and having extreme difficulty facing her financial situation, but more importantly, with the enormous responsibility of bringing up her grandson. She was a smart, responsible, and loving grandmother.

After setting her up on a manageable budget, I learned that her next goal was to formally adopt her grandson (his dad was a “no show,” who lived out of state, and had addictions and incarcerations over the years). The cost of hiring an adoption attorney was staggering to her, but through the One-Another Foundation, a sponsorship enabled her to reach her goal. They live a humble life, but one filled with love and gratitude.

She has become a dear friend who has shown me the strength of someone who pulled herself out of depression and faced with determination what she knew God was calling her to do. This highly respectful young man leads a vibrant life, active in band and dance, and receives very good grades. I saw God’s hand in it all.

Now it’s YOUR turn!

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