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After years of personally engaging with our community and helping where we could, we decided we wanted to apply our business mind-set to find more meaningful and intentional ways of impacting others. We believe these are not just words on paper, but something we have been called to do. After some research, we found we weren’t alone – a recent report by Fidelity Charitable said that philanthropy is a major focus for entrepreneurs; 79% of us say charitable giving is a critical part of who we are. We just aren’t clear on how to do it in a way that is meaningful and impactful. This is the gap we are committed to closing. We believe God’s grace calls us to do something counter-cultural; to see the marginalized whom He has placed in our sightline; bring them into our circle and lift them up.

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Why the Dandelion?

God created the dandelion with leaves that look like the sharp teeth of a lion, so it’s no surprise that the word dandelion is derived from the French phrase ‘dents de lion’, which means lion tooth.

Dandelions are often considered annoying weeds and are most commonly found in highly disturbed ecosystems. However, every part of the dandelion plant – roots, leaves and flower – are useful for food and medicine. The nostalgic puffballs of childhood wishes are an amazing network of connections with each seed suspended from the delicate stalk before it is released with ease by a simple puff of breath. Once aloft, the seeds waft, sometimes miles away from the parent plant, to begin a whole new life of connections.

The Dandelion is more than an adapter and a connector – it is transformative. Dandelions loosen firmed soil by growing deep roots, creating a micro-climate which modify and invigorate the soil, and attract nutrients and toxins for use and transformation. The Dandelion is symbolic of the kind of transformation that gently and firmly changes those conditions that no longer serve its environment – it is practical, gentle, and intentional.

Dandelions represent the return of life, the rebirth of growth, and abundant strength and power.

Why Three Dandelions?

The three dandelions represent the Trinity; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as well as our 3 children.

The dandelions are grouped to represent the relational aspect of what we do. There is an intentional flow of one dandelion affecting the next, eventually becoming catalysts for others’ transformation.

Overall, the logo represents the flow of how we’ve cared for people over the years…once they watch us they too blow seeds which waft into the air and carry seeds to multiply the impact.

The three dandelions represent the Trinity; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Why the Color Blue?

Blue is mentioned more than 50 times in the Bible and represents heaven and the healing power of God.
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