I Like Helping with School Supplies

Seeing how thankful the teachers were for a few classroom supplies really hit me hard.
Helping with School Supplies

My spouse and I received a generous gift of two hundred dollars with the purpose of helping others. After careful consideration, we decided to use the money to purchase school supplies for two classrooms.

For transparency, we did choose our two school aged children’s classrooms, as we had an easy line of communication and a list of items they had an urgent need for. Part of the reason we picked these teachers to give our blessing to is we wanted to grow the investment into something more tangible than currency; give to someone who would continue to use our gift to help others.

It’s shifted my perspective, making me more aware of the needs of others and the power of generosity. It’s taught me empathy, gratitude, and the joy of making a positive impact in someone else’s life.

Seeing just how thankful for a few classroom supplies the teachers were really hit me hard. It’s expanded my awareness, making me more attuned to the needs of educators and the importance of supporting them, and how just how simple contributions make a huge impact to them. I know in the coming years we will make an effort to continue making contributions to classrooms.

Dandelion that has gone to seed.

Now it’s YOUR turn!

Head over to What Can YOU Do for some fun giving ideas YOU can do, and then please share your giving story!

We hope you enJOY your generosity – whatever form it takes!

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